Rabid Feral Cat Bit Resident In Ellicott Metropolis

HOWARD COUNTY, MD – Anyone who has come into contact with a stray, feral cat, or has had a pet near a feral cat is encouraged to contact the Howard County Health Department between April 1st and April 11th. A feral cat picked up in Ellicott City tested positive for rabies after it bit a resident on April 11.

The brown “tabby” cat was found on Sunday on the 3100 block of West Springs Road in Ellicott City after it bit a person, according to a press release. Rabies is spread through a bite or scratch from an infected animal, which can include cats, raccoons, bats, foxes, and marmots. Rabies can also spread when the saliva of an infected animal comes in contact with the eyes, nose, or mouth of another person or animal.

Rabies can be fatal, so it is important to start preventive treatment as soon as possible. Preventive treatment may be needed for anyone who has fed, handled, or attacked this rabid cat, the health department said.

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Stray or wild animals are often not vaccinated against rabies. Because of this, the district’s health department is warning residents not to feed them and to keep rabies vaccinations for their own animals up to date.

If you or your pet has had contact with a stray or feral cat, please call 410-313-1773 or 410-313-2929 outside of business hours.

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To request the removal of your name from an arrest report, please send these required items to arrrereports@patch.com.

Rabid feral cat who lives in Ellicott City

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