Rabid Coyote Attacked Man & Dog In Baltimore County, Health Officials Say – CBS Baltimore

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BALTIMORE (WJZ) – A coyote that attacked a person and their dog on a hiking trail in Baltimore County on Wednesday tested positive for rabies, officials confirmed Monday.

The Baltimore County Department of Health and Human Services said the coyote attack occurred in Holt Park in Raspeburg. Baltimore County Police found the coyote the next day when it tested positive for the disease.

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It is unclear whether the person or their dog was injured in the attack. WJZ reached out to learn more about the incident.

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The Maryland Department of Natural Resources said rabies in animals causes paralysis and changes in behavior. Animals can become very aggressive or unusually friendly.

The DHH gave these tips for preventing rabies:

  • Consider the risk of rabies and other diseases before adopting or interacting with an animal.
    especially if there are children, people with certain illnesses, the elderly or other pets in the household.
  • Since rabies remains uncontrolled in the wild, avoid contact with wildlife as well as stray or wild animals
    Animals, especially when they appear sick. There is no safe contact with these animals
    with regard to assault, rabies and other diseases.
  • Do not offer food, water or shelter to wild animals or strays. If you are feeding your pets outdoors, you shouldn’t do this
    Leave food or water bowls for long periods of time, especially overnight.
  • People considering adopting stray or feral cats should speak to a veterinarian for advice.
  • Keep rabies vaccinations up to date for all pets and don’t let your pets roam free.

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