Rabid Cat Found In Hillsborough

HILLSBOROUGH, NJ – Hillsborough health authorities warn residents after a small black and white cat found in the community tests positive for rabies.

The cat was found at 597 River Road last Friday.

“The cat was found to be unusually small and appeared to be a kitten. However, it was found that it had suckled so it may have had kittens,” said the Hillsborough Department of Health.

The accommodation was checked and no kittens were found. Residents are asked to contact their doctor immediately if they have had anything to do with this animal and may have been exposed to the rabies virus.

Treatment must begin immediately before symptoms start or it will be fatal. Residents should also immediately call the health department at 908-369-5652.

Rabies is a virus that can affect any mammal and is contagious to humans through a bite (mostly), scratch or open cut / mucosal contact with the virus. The virus lives in the fluid of the central nervous system and in the saliva of the affected animal. Rabies is fatal unless treatment is given before symptoms start.

Hillsborough residents are asked to ensure that all pets are currently vaccinated against rabies, do not leave pets outdoors unattended, and if they see a sick animal or stray pet contact Hillsborough Animal Control Officers at Animal Control Solutions at 908-722-1271, or Hillsborough Police at 908-369-4323.

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