Rabid Cat Discovered Close to Falls Church Euthanized In Arlington County

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ARLINGTON, VA – According to an AWLA blog post, the Arlington Animal Welfare League and the Arlington County Department of Human Services are warning the public if they were recently bitten or scratched by an animal for help.

That warning came after AWLA euthanized a rabid cat found on the county border with the City of Falls Church earlier this week. The animal has been described as a medium-sized, long-haired domestic cat with gray and white on the chest and face

Falls Church police received complaints from the public on Sunday and Monday about a stray cat that was found, according to the Post, on the 100 block on Gresham Place and later on the 100 block on W Jefferson Street.

On Monday, a resident locked up the cat and contacted Falls Church police, who took the animal to the AWLA. The resident suffered minor injuries while the cat was being locked up.

AWLA put the cat to sleep after observing neurological symptoms. The animal later tested positive for rabies.

If a resident, family members, or pets are bitten, scratched, or come into contact with this cat, health officials urge them to call AWLA immediately at 703-931-9241.

AWLA also encouraged residents to do the following:

  • Make sure pets are up to date on their rabies and distemper vaccines
  • Always keep dogs on a leash and keep cats indoors
  • Do not approach or feed wild animals
  • Feed pets inside
  • Remove Wildlife attractants from yards such as unsecured trash cans, open containers of food, and compost.

Residents should remain vigilant and report any animal that appears sick, sluggish, disoriented, or aggressive by calling Arlington County Animal Control at 703-931-9241.