Questionable Confrontation Between Cat And Rat Draws Comparisons To Tom And Jerry

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The war between cats and rodents began long before the arrival of modern humans. In the TikTok video below, a rat tries to deceive a tabby cat by pretending to be dead. Some users call the couple the real Tom and Jerry. * With voice warning *

For the rat, this wasn’t a cartoon.

TikTok user Dylan Aguillard, who leaves @notdolan, shared the footage, showing the cat playing with the live rat on the bathroom floor. The cat perches over the rat for a few seconds as if deciding what to do next. Then the rat gives a few tentative blows and the little rodent falls on its side, seeming to play itself dead. It is more likely that the poor rodent was stunned after the left hook.

We don’t know what will happen to the rodent next, but there’s a good chance that this tactic, while innovative, was probably not enough to save the little creature.

The text overlaying the video incorrectly identifies the animal as a mouse. It says: “Mouse tried to pretend to be dead. What the hell did I put in there? “

But that didn’t stop the video from becoming a hit on TikTokers; go viral easily. It has gained more than 413,000 “likes” and more than 3.5 million views, according to Newsweek.

The rat-cat conflict really reminded some of Tom and Jerry

“That’s Tom and Jerry,” remarked Jadeandrade3.

Another user, _Dre317, seemed to think the same way and wrote “Deleted Tom And Jerry Scene”.

Others expressed concern about the welfare of the rat, as well as that of the cat.

“Help the mouse, I love cats, but help the mouse,” wrote PrettyGirlLondon.

Omar added: The rats think. Please don’t hurt.

Another user, Luv3rain7 pointed out an important fact that is pretty important:

“I’m not trying to be a Karen, but I probably wouldn’t let the cat play with it, they can transmit disease. I just want your cat to be safe. “

TikTok / Notdolan

Don’t let your cat eat rodents – here’s why:

Most people probably don’t know this, but rats and mice can actually transmit roundworms that feed on the contents in the intestines. Hence, they deplete nutrients that are critical to a cat’s health. They can actually prove fatal to kittens. Rodent-eating cats also run the risk of secondary poisoning after a rodent has ingested rat bait. In general, the risk of secondary poisoning is usually small, but it really depends on the timing, the amount of bait the rat ingested, and the number of rodents your cat has eaten. And of course, the bait is palatable to rodents, which means other animals (including your cat) can eat it too. This could prove fatal to your cat, according to RSPCA Australia.

Photo: maxresdefault

Trap, castration, and return (TNR) programs are of course the exception, and organizations like the Tree House Humane Society have programs that help neighborhoods and local businesses establish cat colonies as natural pest control to reduce rodent populations. These colonies were established in New York bodegas, Disneyland, and even on ships during World War II, reports CNN.


These cats simply follow their ancestors’ paw prints

Cats have been trapping rodents and other pests for at least 10,000 years since wildcats discovered that Natufian settlements were the perfect places to call home. The Natufians are the first known farmers and they stored grain. Which of course became irresistible to rats and mice.

In fact, we humans and our feline friends have come a long way. We hope that no rodents were harmed in the TikTok video above. We also hope you enjoy the Tom And Jerry video below.

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