Pyramids Poultry joins forces with faculty of Veterinary Medicine Benha University

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Cairo: Pyramids Poultry, one of Cairo 3A Group subsidiaries, signed a cooperation protocol with the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine at Benha University, to support the faculty’s scientific research to develop the poultry production industry in Egypt and qualify its students for the labor market. This cooperation goes in line with the presidential direction to link the scientific research system to formulate practical solutions to the challenges facing society in all fields, in a way that contributes to achieving comprehensive and sustainable development for the state. In addition, the protocol complements the company’s orientation to support all parties in the industry through various aspects.

The cooperation protocol was signed by Dr. Amani Abbas, Dean of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine at Benha University, and Dr. Anwar Al-Abd, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Pyramids Poultry as well as, Professor Dr. Gamal Sousa, President of Benha University and Professor Dr. Nasser El-Gizawy, Vice President for Postgraduate Studies and Research, and Professor. dr Tamer Samir, Vice President for Education and Student Affairs. From Pyramids Poultry, Dr. Mohamed Azmy, Director of the Commercial Sector for Raw Materials and Feed, and Mr. Ahmed Shaaban, Marketing Director of Cairo 3A Group as well as a group of people in charge of the administrative and technical departments in the company attended the event.

According to the protocol, Pyramids Poultry will support the research experiments of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine at Benha University by providing feed for broilers and all means of technical support. These steps are taken to ensure the provision of suitable conditions to produce effective field results, to find solutions to the challenges of poultry production is encountered in Egypt, leveraging the scientific expertise of the faculty members, and the scientific research prepared and published in major scientific journals .

The protocol also includes the cooperation of Pyramids Poultry with the administration of the Department of Veterinary at Benha University to support and qualify students for the labor market by providing training opportunities for students in various specializations. The training is planned to be technical through direct contact with customers through visits in cooperation with the Technical Support Department in the company, or administrative training through a period of cohabitation with the Marketing and Sales Department. This step will help students to learn the necessary basics in administrative work, develop skills in using the programs necessary for administrative work, reduce the gap between the labor market and the academic field of study, and encourage young people to follow successful models.

Pyramids Poultry also provides in-kind support to the graduates of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine at Benha University. The company provides master’s and doctoral students with feed and technical services, to help them prepare research that will raise the efficiency of products or reduce costs, which will benefit the poultry development industry.

dr Mohamed Azmy, Director of the Commercial Sector for Raw Materials and Feed, said that Benha University was chosen as the first stage for the initiative, as it is rated as university number 139 worldwide, and is considered among the first 500 universities in Shanghai classification. Moreover, Benha University owns the first and largest central laboratory for viral, bacterial, and microbial poultry diseases, and feed analysis with the most advanced equipment in the Egyptian market, which keeps pace with the global development in research and analysis, and will open the door to providing many research services to companies and other bodies. The university is distinguished by the preparation of scientific research published in prestigious international journals that can be used in practice to help with the challenges the poultry industry in Egypt is encountering. The most significant of these challenges are the endemic poultry diseases and poor productivity because of the death of large quantities of production, marketing problems, and the multiplicity of intermediate links of brokers and dealers, which affects the final price.

Azmy added that the company is planning to provide full support to the faculty to contribute to the preparation of scientific research, and at the same time will provide support and assistance to qualify students for the labor market to bridge the gap between its requirements and the academic studies.


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