Put on canine tags with medical data simply in case

Dear Heloise, my husband and I are in our early 60s and have minor health problems. We chose to use dog tags like the ones used by the military to print our name, phone number, address and blood type on one side and our doctor’s name and phone number on the other. Today you never know what will happen. An accident, stroke, or something else can make it impossible to speak when you need to provide information to first responders. We wear these tags when we leave the house. – Julia N., Middlesboro, Ky.



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Shower curtain

Dear Heloise: Whenever I wash my shower curtain, I simply unscrew the end of the curtain rod and pull off everything, including the curtain rings. I also throw everything in the washing machine and wash on delicates. I’ve always hated reattaching the curtain rod rings, but that way they stay on and there is no problem with the rings. – Roseanna H., Stockton, California.

Just a memory

Dear reader: As the weather warms up, ticks and fleas will appear and disturb our pets. Check with your veterinarian about the best ways to keep your pet safe from these pests, and be sure to keep your pets informed of their shots. – Heloise

Paddling pool

Dear Heloise, my children grew out of their paddling pool, but it was still in perfect condition. When my husband and I had a big party on our deck, we filled the paddling pool with ice and put cold drinks in it. The next morning the ice had melted and a doe and her fawn were drinking the water. Later several birds and a squirrel used it for bathing or drinking. I thought using the paddling pool for cold drinks was a good idea, but watching the outdoors in my garden was even better. – Tina C., Alpena, Mich.


Dear Heloise, it seems that so many places on the Internet want my email address and won’t let me visit their website without giving this information. I hate this type of marketing. Why? Because at some point I get tons of mail for things I don’t want. They’re selling a list of names to other companies and I’ll be getting emails shortly asking them to sell me insurance or buy my house. I do not have erectile dysfunction and, being a member of PETA, I don’t care about hunting and fishing magazines. The list goes on. Yes, I can log out, but sometimes that doesn’t work either. The emails keep coming back. – Mary Ellen G., Manchester, Tenn.

Mary Ellen, set up a special email account for this purpose. You can sign up for a free email account with a fake name. If you’re forced to provide your email address to use a website, give the address to the free account. – Heloise

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