Purdue Veterinary Conference Wellness Keynote Speaker to Assess Wellbeing Landscape in Veterinary Medicine

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Friday 6th August 2021

DR. Jen Brandt

Snake Oil and Charities – What’s the Connection? Dr. Jen Brandt, director of welfare, diversity and inclusion initiatives for the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA), will answer this question at this year’s Purdue Virtual Veterinary Conference in September. Dr. Brandt will deliver the Wellness Keynote Lecture entitled “Wellbeing and the Snake Oil Parable: Discerning and Deconstructing the Current Wellbeing Landscape in Veterinary Medicine”.

Dr. Brandt will highlight the wide range of practice topics that often concern veterinarians, while also inviting attendees to deconstruct popular social media wellness-based narratives during their talk. It will conclude with six basic criteria that anyone can use to become a more qualified expert on wellness programs, maximizing safety and effectiveness, and reducing the risk of accidental harm.

In her role as Director for Welfare, Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives at AVMA, Dr. Brandt medical professionals in maximizing individual and organizational wellbeing by integrating macro and micro strategies, identifying well-functioning solutions, and applying solution-oriented approaches. Her education and public relations work focuses on removing barriers to wellbeing, diversity and inclusion, eliminating toxic work cultures, promoting politeness in the workplace, increasing self-esteem and self-efficacy, effectively transforming conflict, and improving team communication.

Dr. Brandt, who received a PhD and Masters degree in social work from Ohio State University, is a licensed independent social worker and supervisor, experienced grief and trauma therapist, and specialist in health team communications. In 1997, Dr. Brandt’s Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine’s Honoring the Bond Program, one of the first programs in the country aimed at recognizing and nurturing the human-animal relationship by providing education and resources to animal owners and zookeepers. She also co-founded the Veterinary Mental Health Professional’s Group of the American Association of Veterinary Medical College (AAVMC), which serves to improve and build well-being and support programs in veterinary schools, develop and provide best practices in veterinary counseling and health agendas within the universities veterinary management advice and expertise.

Recently, Dr. Brandt on launching AVMA’s Workplace Wellbeing Certificate Program to help veterinarians develop the knowledge and skills necessary to create healthy work systems. She also helped found AVMA’s Brave Space Certificate Program, which studies the effects of stereotypes, unconscious bias and harassment in the workplace.

The virtual Purdue Veterinary Conference 2021, which takes place September 7-10, features four days of high-quality tracks on small animals, horses, farm animals, practice management, exotic species and topics of interest to veterinary nurses. Participants can acquire up to 24 hours of training and have access to our virtual exhibition hall. Only those registered for the Purdue Veterinary Conference can attend.

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Author (s):
Ben Shepard | pvmnews@purdue.edu