Proposed Bill Could Ban Dog Meat Consumption In Seoul

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Animal husbandry, including small animal farming, harms the environment and causes pain and suffering to living beings.

To prevent some animals from being cooked into food, a Seoul city council is pushing to ban dog meat consumption. South Korea is notorious for its consumption of dog meat, although only a small demographic eats it.

Dogs are bred in cruel conditions and pets are sometimes stolen to boost trade. It’s an extremely cruel industry that activists and animal lovers have campaigned against for years.

Council member Yang Min-gyu’s draft law includes a long-term plan to ban dog meat consumption, according to Korea Bizwire.

The bill comes after the president’s opposition to eating dog meat was revealed, as well as after the country proposed creating a task force dedicated to ending the dog meat trade.

In 2018, South Korea even banned the breeding of dogs for meat as part of its Animal Welfare Act. However, the consumption of dog meat is not officially prohibited. The proposed law would not only ban killing dogs for food, but eating them as well.

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Sign this petition to demand an end to the dog meat trade.

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