PrettyLitter: A Useful Instrument in Monitoring Your Cats’ Well being

Daniel Rotman, founder of PrettyLitter, with his kittens. (© PrettyLitter)

Posted by Jennifer McKee

In honor of National Cat Health Month, we spoke to Daniel Rotman, founder of PrettyLitter. Rotman created the brand in 2015 after losing his childhood cat.

PrettyLitter is an odor controlling, health monitoring cat litter. It changes color to let you know when your cat has a potential health problem. Here’s how to get your cat to the vet before the situation becomes urgent.

PrettyLitter was once a subscription only and is now sold on Target. Martha Stewart recently signed up as the brand’s spokesperson.

Cats can be the funniest and greatest companions, and they will always surprise you when you spend more time with them.

– Daniel Rotman

Augusta Magazine: If there is a potential problem with your cat, does PrettyLitter change color immediately or does it take some time for the litter to intensify?

Daniel Rotman: PrettyLitter will change color within moments your cat is using the litter box to indicate acidity or alkalinity outside of normal range, as well as the visible presence of blood. If you notice any abnormal color, we recommend mixing the litter and observing the color for the next day or so, as temporary changes in diet or stress levels could be the culprit. If the color change continues, it is likely time to see the vet.

If there are any other symptoms regardless of the litter color, contact your veterinarian right away. PrettyLitter helps keep an eye on your cat’s health, but is not a diagnostic tool that can only be supplied by your veterinarian.

AT THE: How do you recommend the use of PrettyLitter for owners with multiple cats?

DR: PrettyLitter is great for households with multiple cats. If you notice an abnormal litter color, we recommend observing closely who is using the litter box or, if necessary, temporarily isolating a cat with PrettyLitter to see what is causing the litter color change.

AT THE: It seems that PrettyLitter would be of particular value for those with older cats. Could you speak about it?

DR: PrettyLitter can be very helpful for older cats. As the cats get older, health problems may become more common. Many PrettyLitter users are older cats, and we see great value for cats at all stages of life. It is important to note that common conditions such as urinary tract infections or bladder crystals can occur in cats of all ages. So it is important to have a tool like PrettyLitter to keep an eye on your cat’s health.

Animal lover and cat parent Martha Stewart is now the spokeswoman for PrettyLitter. (© PrettyLitter)

AT THE: What were the first warning signs that you, as a lifelong animal lover, personally saw that a cat was not feeling well?

DR: My childhood cat, Gingi, who had a feline disease, was an important factor that motivated me to create PrettyLitter. In Gingi’s case, I noticed she was becoming lethargic and having difficulty eating, but I know that the signs vary widely depending on the cat and the reason they are not feeling well. It’s a difficult and sad thing for any cat parent.

AT THE: How many animals do you currently have?

DR: I have two fantastic cats, Cali and Max. Cali and Max are a brother and a sister who I adopted together as kittens.

AT THE: Besides the benefits of health monitoring, what are other highlights of using PrettyLitter?

DR: When I created PrettyLitter, I set out to make the biggest hit all around. In addition to health monitoring, PrettyLitter is convenient, lightweight, comes to your door for free, and has fantastic odor control. With PrettyLitter, you no longer have to drive to the store at the last minute or lug around heavy, dusty, gray garbage. The litter industry was ripe for innovation, and PrettyLitter is the new generation of litters.

Monitor your cats’ health with the help of PrettyLitter. (© PrettyLitter)

AT THE: What are your personal tips to keep a cat happy and engaged?

DR: When it comes to keeping your cat happy and engaged, it really comes down to enriching their environment and positive interaction. Having access to toys and games that your cat is busy with even when you are away can help keep her active and happy indoors. Cat-safe greens like spider plants can be another form of enrichment and look great at home!

Cats love to explore and aren’t afraid to move vertically. Therefore, it is very space-saving to have a high scratching post or catwalks and shelves on the walls. You should also always have a slightly enclosed space to safely retreat into, like a box or even a corner next to furniture. In addition to enriching the environment, it is so important to show a lot of love to your feline family members. Play with them, pet them, and cuddle when they show interest in interacting with you. Cats can be the funniest and greatest companions, and they will always surprise you when you spend more time with them.

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