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By: KDKA-TV News Staff

EDINBORO, Pennsylvania (KDKA) – Authorities are investigating whether at least five cats found dead have been poisoned in Edinboro.

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The Erie Humane Society said the cats and a skunk were all found in the Waterford Street area for the past week. A kitten was also found with convulsions, and the Erie Humane Society says three more neighborhood cats are currently missing.

(Photo: Erie Humane Society’s Department of Animal Cruelty / Facebook)

On Monday morning, humane officers retrieved one of the cat’s bodies and it appeared that there was rat poison in the vomit next to the animal. Because of this, it is sent to see if the cat has been poisoned.

Erie Times-News says there has been no confirmation of poisoning, and police say investigators are investigating whether the deaths could have been caused by something else like rabies or the cats in something not meant for them.

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“If you live in this area and apply poison to wildlife, please do not use poison as pets may eat and die a slow, painful death! We are appalled to believe that someone is purposely giving out poison to eradicate a problem with stray cats. THIS IS ILLEGAL AND IMPOSSIBLE !!! ”The animal cruelty department of the Erie Humane Society wrote on Facebook.

Residents are asked to keep their pets indoors and work together to catch stray cats so they can be accepted into the Erie Humane Society.

The Erie Humane Society said that if the cats are found to have been poisoned, charges will be brought.

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Anyone with information is asked to call 814-835-8360.

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