Poots calls upon EU to agree an urgent solution to veterinary medicines movements

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Data from industry suggests that more than half (51 per cent) of veterinary medicines would be discontinued in Northern Ireland if Protocol requirements are applied.

“I find this matter most disconcerting, particularly as it affects some critical products such as cardiovascular medicines, anesthetics and vaccines, including those that prevent salmonella and E. coli,” Mr Poots commented.

“The discontinuation of vaccines in NI would have severe repercussions for animal health and welfare here and give rise to unnecessary animal suffering, not to mention the risk it would present to human health and trade. I have stated on many occasions that it is completely unacceptable that the Protocol would prevent NI from having access to the same veterinary medicines as other parts of the UK.

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Agriculture Minister Edwin Poots MLA.

“It is, therefore, of the utmost importance that all possible steps are taken to prevent suppliers from withdrawing or reducing the range of products available in NI and protect the availability of medicines here. While I acknowledge the EU recognition of the current agreed grace period in relation to these moves, that recognition only extends to the end of this year so is simply not enough.

“Industry needs certainty and there must be no barriers put in place that would risk the health and welfare of animals in Northern Ireland.”

The minister said he is also concerned about the “additional burden” the industry would face if it had to meet all the extra requirements for the movement of veterinary medicines to NI – requirements which he claimed are “simply not necessary”. Mr Poots continued: “I note that talks between the UK and EU on this matter have stalled.

“I, therefore, recently wrote to both the Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs and the European Commission calling for urgent action to find a sensitive, permanent and pragmatic solution to the matter.

“If an agreed solution is not possible, I have also urged the Secretary of State to take any measures at his disposal, including the exercise of any powers that may be available to him under the NI Protocol Bill, to ensure that the disturbing picture is painted by industry does not become a reality and that the welfare of animals here is not needlessly but at risk,” Mr Poots concluded.