Police Were On ‘Baby Watch’ Since ‘Taylor’ (The Cat) Was Rescued

GUILFORD, CT – She was a stray for a few weeks, albeit with a collar, and likely came out of a loving home. A neighbor noticed the cat and called the police. There is a happy ending to this story, although that is not often the case.

Here’s what the Guilford Police say:

“On 13 October, police reported Lane Guilford Taylor because of an adorable little cat that roamed the neighborhood for several weeks. The caller was worried because she has been recognized either in the neighborhood or in the surrounding streets. She had a Collar, was … clearly very affectionate and grew up in a family environment, but also had a very round stomach.

We brought “Taylor” to the shelter, published her photo on the FB page of Guilford Police Animal Shelter and quickly made an appointment to have it examined by our veterinary friends in Guilford Animal Hospital ….

Fortunately, Taylor had no tumor or health problems…. But she was wearing at least five full-fledged kittens in this round belly.

If anyone knows us at all, you know that we have all been on baby watch regularly. Officers, Animal Control, Dispatchers, Records Administration, and even Chiefs patiently waited for little Taylor to introduce her babies. On November 8th, Taylor gave birth to 6, yes 6, healthy kittens … these cute little boys are just opening their eyes today and mom is doing very well.

For now, we’re waiting for their personalities to come out and in the spirit of Thanksgiving, the little ones have all themed names … turkey, green beans, pumpkin, butternut, stuffin ‘and potato.

We’ll keep you updated on the progress of these little cuties and advise you when mom and her babies are ready for adoption. “

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