Police shoot ‘aggressive dog’ dead after elderly Melbourne couple attacked

One man was found dead and an elderly couple injured after police responded to reports of a dog attack in southeast Melbourne.

Police said they were called to a house in Hampton Park at around 9 a.m. on Sunday morning, where they were confronted with an “aggressive dog”.

A police spokeswoman said the dog was not anesthetized with paprika spray and continued to attack the officers.

An officer was forced to shoot the animal and immediately killed it.

She said police found an elderly man and woman in the Lewisham Close house in their 80s who were seriously injured after the dog was attacked.

The elderly couple was taken to hospital for treatment.

The officers ventured further into the house, where they discovered the body of a man – probably around 40 – in another room.

Police said the man’s death was unrelated to the aggressive dog and was not being treated as a suspect.

A fourth man was also in the home but was not injured. Four other dogs on the property were removed by the council ranger.

The police prepare a report for the coroner.

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