Police search for domesticated exotic cat on the loose in Royal Oak

(WXYZ) – Royal Oak Police are calling on residents to keep an eye out for a medium-sized domesticated cat roaming the area.

We were told it was last spotted in the 13 Mile and Rochester Road area.

The big cat is supposedly an African caracal.

A resident who has four of them had recently escaped two. One was found, but one is still at large. This is reportedly the third time the cat has escaped from a person’s home.

According to police, they were notified by a neighbor and the school was notified of an elementary school in the area.

Everyone who sees the animal is asked to call 911 and avoid approaching it. Children should also not approach or interact with the cat.

According to the International Society for Endangered Cats, caracals are often referred to as “desert lynx”.

Society said they were “notable jumpers” and were mostly nocturnal.

One website states that the caracal very rarely poses a threat to humans and would rather run away from humans than risk their health or confrontation.

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