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Online pet store Pogi’s Pet Supplies is announcing the availability of their compostable dog poop bags for dog owners who are looking to clean up after their pets while doing their part to protect the environment. These poop bags are made from plant-based materials and are ASTM D6400 certified for their ability to decompose in an industrial-style aerobic composting facility, such as those most often used by cities for their municipal composting programs. The bags have also been certified by DIN CERTCO, with their NF T51-800 certification, which guarantees that the bags are completely compostable in backyard compost bins and piles. Pogi’s has a few options of plant-based compostable poop bags in their inventory, all of which can be found on their website at https://pogis.com/collections/compostable-poop-bags

One of the options of compostable poop bags that Pogi’s offers are the bags that come in rolls designed to fit in a standard-sized poop bag dispenser, something many dog ​​owners keep attached to their dog’s leash for easy scooping of poop while taking their dog out for walks. These bags are extra-large, sturdy and leak proof so the process of cleaning up will stay clean, even for larger dogs. One review for the product by customer Abby confirms this: “They seem to be much stronger than bags I have used before because they are so great for picking up my ~50-pound dog’s (frankly nasty) poops without ripping, leaking, or needing two bags.” The bags are designed to tear off the roll easily and contain clear markings designating which end of the bag to open, another feature highly praised by reviewers.

In addition to the tidy rolls of compostable bags for use on the go, Pogi’s Pet Supplies sells boxes of their compostable bags, both with and without easy to tie handles, which come with one large roll of bags instead of several tiny ones so dog owners can easily grab one or two bags on their way out to the backyard to pick up their pet’s poop. The bags with handles are a little smaller than the regular bags at 7 inches wide to the latter’s 9 inches, and great for dog owners who want the convenience of handles to make their poop bags easier to tie off. All of Pogi’s products are also available on Amazon, where Prime subscribers will be delighted to know they are available with fast and free Prime shipping.

As previously announced, Pogi’s dog poop bags have been certified compostable in industrial compost systems, but it is worth noting that many municipalities will not accept pet waste for compost, as handling fecal matter carries some risks. Since industrial compost systems generally utilize high heat to aid aerobic decomposition, some cities, especially in Canada, do accept pet waste, with the knowledge that anything put through their composting system will reach high enough temperatures to kill any potential pathogens. Thus, it is recommended that pet owners check with their city’s specific composting rules before disposing of pet waste in their city compost bins, even with certified compostable bags. Similarly, while the bags will decompose in a backyard compost pile, disposing of dog poop or other pet waste in a home compost system is generally not advised, as home compost bins rarely have systems for sanitizing the waste. Regardless, collecting dog poop in compostable bags like those available from Pogi’s Pet Supplies is still better for the environment than individual plastic bags, even if, for health and safety reasons, those bags still go to the landfill. Reducing plastic use with plastic-free alternatives is generally planet-friendly.

Pogi’s Pet Supplies was inspired by the founders’ french bulldog Pogi, who loves long walks around the block, playing at the nearby dog ​​park, and rolling in the grass on a warm summer’s day. Pogi’s people wanted to be able to take care of him with high-quality, environmentally friendly pet care products, so Pogi’s Pet Supplies, with its selection of planet friendly, pet safe pet care products, was born. For more information on the biodegradable pet waste bags visit: https://pogis.com/products/pogis-plant-based-compostable-grab-go-dog-poop-bags-with-easy-tie-handles


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