Picture of canine consuming off plate at restaurant will get consideration of well being division – WSOC TV

CHARLOTTE – A woman said she recently took a picture of a dog eating from a plate at a restaurant in Waverly, south Charlotte.

Tikola McCree said she was with friends at the Foxcroft Wine Company when she noticed the couple on the patio allowed their dog to eat and lick their plate, utensils and a cutting board.

McCree said she notified the staff and was told that the dishes were being washed.

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Mccree said this should not have been allowed due to hygienic reasons, so she filed a complaint with the county health department.

“Let me point this out, I am a dog lover and I think since we are through a pandemic I think this was not the right course for the restaurant,” she said.

Foxcroft said the health department visited the follow-up after the complaint was received.

Officials determined that the Foxcroft Wine Company was following state guidelines and no further action was required.

However, the health department said: “The contamination of the utensils was a violation of the food code.”

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The inspector told the restaurant staff that they “must not allow dogs to eat or lick utensils from reusable plates, even if they are being washed. If customers want to provide their pets with food or water, single-use items can be used and then disposed of. “

The health department did not fine Foxcroft, but informed the restaurant of the procedures.

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