Phoenix area doctor details reasons behind shortage in veterinarians in the U.S.

A new report shows there’s a shortage in veterina

US experiencing veterinarian shortage: expert explains why

A Phoenix area doctor says a number of issues are behind the shortage of veterinarians that the country is currently experiencing. FOX 10’s Danielle Miller reports.

rians, and according to a local doctor, there are many reasons for the drop in the profession.

“It’s due to retirement of certain veterinarians, and then, there’s only 33 veterinary schools in the US, so that’s not much when you think about the new graduates who are graduating to replace that,” said Dr. Carla Gartrell with Midwestern University, which is one of the 33 veterinary schools in the country. “We’ve also seen an increase in the pet population during the pandemic. Over the last two years, pet ownership has really increased, and so the need to service those animals is straining the profession.”

According to Dr. Gartrell, Students’ well-being is top of mind at Midwestern. She says the students learn much more than just treating animals.

“We teach them resilience, we teach them coping mechanisms and how to really self-care, so they’re able to take care of themselves and better serve the clients and their patients,” said Dr. Gartrell.

dr Gartrell says getting the younger generation involved is the key to building the profession back up.

“We have a healthcare summer camp for high school students, so that gives them exposure to the veterinary field, but all the heath care programs at Midwestern, so they’re able to get hands on research and experience with the rigors of the heath care profession,” said Dr. Gartrell.

The registration deadline to sign up for that camp is May 1.

Midwestern University Health Careers Institute for High School Students

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