Pets at Home offers guidelines to firms about dogs in the office

Jane Beresford, Group Director of People Partnering for the FTSE 250 retailer, said the chain has created a free set of “PETiquette” guidelines that offer tips and advice for those looking to bring their dogs to work or for businesses to who are considering whether to allow their employees to do so.

For those who choose to move, the following guidelines apply: Appropriate beds under or near a pet owner’s desk; regular refilling of water bowls near a dog bed but not in the way of other employees; Moving dogs outside regularly.

Businesses could look for toy buckets that hold toys with soft squeaks in the office.

Beresford said, “There can be many benefits to having dogs in the office, including connections to increasing morale and promoting positive mental health. There are also advantages for our pets, who have got used to having their owners at home through the pandemic. But going ‘dog friendly’ shouldn’t be a quick decision, and that’s why we created our PETiquette guide so employers can create the best environment for both their people and their pets. “


There will likely be a lot of landlords and businesses who don’t want to welcome pets into offices and of course employees who don’t want to see dogs at headquarters.

But there are some websites that do welcome dogs. The flexible workplace provider Clockwise welcomes dogs but has rules. For example, dogs are not allowed in cafe areas and owners should keep them away from office and lounge furniture.

Alexandra Brunner, Chief Operating Officer of Clockwise, said the group has seen a significant increase in dog numbers at its Wood Green location over the past four months.

Mochi, a dog owned by one of the members of Clockwise’s Wood Green locations

/ clockwise wood green

Brunner added, “Although our members were keen to return to the office after the lockdown, some were concerned that their pets would not stay at home. Fortunately, our rooms are pet-friendly and since members have returned to the offices, so are their four-legged friends. ”

Andrew Barnes, Head of the Tenant Representative Team in central London at real estate agent Savills, said: “We have definitely seen a significant increase in requests from potential tenants to view rooms when we can respond to ‘dog access clauses’ in leases with landlords of theirs Requiring employees to return to the office, but to date most of them do not go so far as to take extra space to set up dog crèches. “

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