Petkit Pura Max automatic self cleaning cat litter box

The Petkit Pura Max automatic self-cleaning litter box raised over $ 500,000 thanks to over 1,600 backers with 7 days left for their Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign. If you are looking for an automatically self-cleaning litter box, the Pura Max uses intelligent sensors and can be controlled remotely via the accompanying phone application. Equipped with air and an extra large capacity as well as alternative cleaning modes, the litter box offers a state-of-the-art system so that your house smells fresh and your cat stays healthy and clean.

Petkit Pura Max self-cleaning litter box keeps odors out

The novel project is now available with special early bird pricing starting at around $ 459 or £ 334 (depending on current exchange rates), offering a substantial discount of around 23% off the sale price while Indiegogo crowd funding is ongoing.

“The PURA MAX self-cleaning litter box automatically removes all waste for your comfort and is designed for the modern lifestyle. With PURA MAX you can control the litter box anytime and anywhere via the PETKIT app. When it comes to safety, PETKIT is at the forefront. PURA MAX has several security mechanisms as well as excellent intelligent sensors. The xSecure system offers your cat a safe potty experience and makes your life easier. “

If the Petkit Pura Max campaign successfully achieves its required promise target and fulfillment goes smoothly, it is expected to ship worldwide in December 2021.

“The xSecure system consists of an infrared sensor, weight sensors, remote warnings, an accident protection system and intelligent detection, so that with PURA MAX you don’t have to worry about your cat. In addition, PURA MAX automatically pauses when your cat approaches or detects a change in weight. With the intelligent sensors you can track the weight of your cat, the usage times, the usage time and the litter capacity. So you always have an overview of the health of your cat. “

“Unpleasant smells are no longer an issue in your home. PURA MAX has 3 alternative cleaning modes: automatic cleaning mode, scheduled cleaning mode and manual cleaning mode. You can set the device to the scheduled or automatic cleaning mode via the app and PURA MAX automatically removes the waste as soon as your cat goes out of the litter box. To activate the manual cleaning mode, simply tap the “Clean” button on the PETKIT app or press the button on the PURA MAX to clean the box. “

For a full list of all available pledges, stretch goals, additional media and technical specifications for the automatic self-cleaning litter box, jump to the official Petkit Pura Max crowdfunding campaign page by following the link below.

Source: Indiegogo

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