Petition: Discover Individuals Who Tied Canine to Automotive and Dragged Him Round

Dogs are such cute, loving, and loyal animals that are so easy to love. As a result, most people treat dogs as their best friends or even part of their family. As with everything, however, there are still a few exceptions.

There are people out there who did terrible things to dogs, like a couple who buried their dog alive and a man who killed his pets and ate their organs. Recently, another heartbreaking case of animal cruelty came to light:

Source: WKRN TV / YouTube

Video footage from a church in Tennessee shows two people tying a dog to the back of their car and racing around the parking lot. The poor puppy was dragged around and suffered terrible scratches on his legs and stomach as a result. The incident happened on January 28th and the dog was found the next day. Miraculously, the dog survived and is now recovering with his rescuers, who called him church. Dr. Gary Andes of Andes-Straley Veterinary Hospital, where Church was rushed to after the incident, said: “It will be a long time [Church’s injuries] heal. “After that, he can be taken into a home forever.

There are clear surveillance videos of the incident, but no one has yet been identified and charged with animal cruelty. A $ 2,500 reward will also be offered for finding the two people in the surveillance video. Sullivan County authorities must ensure that all leads and resources are used to ensure that these perpetrators do not harm other animals or humans. Sign this petition to request that the Sullivan County Sheriff’s Department not rest until the Church’s alleged murderers are found and brought to justice!

To move on, sign these other petitions as well:

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