Petition: Ban Man Who Purposefully Drowned Cat From Proudly owning Animals Ever

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A man named Richard Giles was recently found guilty of “causing unnecessary harm to a protected animal” after killing his neighbor Shirley Gear-Evans’ cat.

The neighbors had hit it off before, but when Gear-Evans adopted their cat Ruby, Giles’ behavior changed. After getting used to her new home, Ruby became an indoor-outdoor cat, which annoyed Giles very much. According to him, Ruby “ruined” his garden and attacked the birds for which he had created a wildlife refuge. On Saturday March 19th, Giles reportedly found Ruby in his kitchen and decided that he would no longer take her. He caught Ruby, drowned her in one of his rainwater tanks, and put her body in a ditch.

Gear-Evans was looking for her cat and on Monday decided to face her neighbor. Giles told her clearly, “You won’t find her. She’s gone. I killed her. “He fully admitted to killing her defenseless pet and showed no remorse. He even accused Gear-Evans of not training her cat.

During the trial, veterinarian Katrina Knill testified: “In my opinion, drowning is a cause of extreme and unnecessary suffering for an animal and one of the most distressing states in which an animal can be seen.”

Gear-Evans is extremely concerned about the incident, stating, “Ruby was my only companion during the entire lockdown and now she’s gone and I wouldn’t be comfortable getting another pet if he killed this one too. ” She continued, “He told the neighbors that he did it to protect the local wildlife. He said Ruby killed the birds, but I really think he just didn’t like my cat.”

Giles has to pay Gear-Evans over $ 1,300 in compensation and around $ 1,000 in court fees. He also received a 12-week sentence, suspended for 12 months.

Sign this petition and ask the prosecutor at the RSPCA to make sure Richard Giles is banned from ever having animals in his possession!

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