PetDine adds cat supplement capabilities

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FORT COLLINS, COLO. – In a market saturated with bespoke health and nutritional products for dogs, PetDine is responding to the demand for the same products for cats by adding manufacturing capacity for clean label cat supplements.

“Nearly 38% of American households live with cats and more owners than ever before are committed to providing their pets with useful nutritional supplements,” said Preston Munsch, CEO of PetDine. “PetDine offers industry-leading clean label pet supplements, which means consumers can be confident that our private label consumer brands will provide optimal health benefits with safe ingredients for their feline friends.”

The private label manufacturer will now transfer its experience in the production of high-quality and customer-specific food supplements for dogs to the production of soft, functional food supplements for cats.

The company has access to more than 300 ingredients – including trending categories like upcycling food ingredients and clean label options – and its manufacturing practices comply with Safe Food Quality (SQF) standards. Like all other soft chews, PetDine’s cat food supplements are made using a proprietary process that uses no heat, water, or gumming agents to maintain the nutritional quality of the products.

“Our entire team of experts works with customers at every step of the nutritional supplement process to bring bespoke products to market,” said Devin Sanders, National Sales Director at PetDine. “Consumers are actively seeking daily support for anxiety, joint pain, digestive and urinary tract problems, allergies and other problems that cats face. Dietary supplements for cats represent an increasing need in the pet industry that we would like to meet, supported by our extensive research and product development over the past 12 months. “

The company will develop the cat chews through its Martina Holmes Innovation Lab, which was founded earlier this year. PetDine has already tested its new dietary supplements for cats and has concluded that the dietary supplements offer “30% higher average palatability and acceptance in cats” compared to the industry average.

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