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Treat your furry friends this shopping vacation with these offers, all available from October 15th:

Christmas shopping is all about buying gifts for your loved ones, and if your loved ones are cats or dogs, you’re in luck. We’re already seeing tons of cute animal deals ahead of Black Friday, so you can treat your furry friend to a bargain this year.


The best Black Friday deals for 2021, all in one place

Pet tech and DNA kits are expected to be back in fashion this holiday season too, especially considering how many people have adopted animals in the past two years. We’ve already spotted some solid discounts on Whistle Smart Collars, as well as Wisdom Panel, Basepaws, and Embark DNA kits. You can find all of these offers and more below. Check out this page regularly – we will update it regularly with new offers.

OUR TOP CHOICE: Whistle Pet GPS Tracker – 25% discount on all devices with the code BRAND25

In honor of Adopt a Shelter Dog month (and just in time for the early Christmas shopping), Whistle is offering 25% off all of its smart devices when you combine it with a one- or two-year plan. You will need the one or two year plan anyway to use any of the GPS location tracking offered by the devices. Choose between Whistle Fit, Whistle Go Explore, or Whistle Switch, depending on your pup’s needs.

Image Credit: Whistle

BEST DOG DNA KIT OFFER: Wisdom Panel Premium DNA Kit – $ 125.99 (save $ 34 with code ADOPTDOG34)

When you’re tired of just saying your dog is a mutt, the Wisdom Panel Premium gives you the exact breakdown of your pooch’s breed – up to 1%. The Wisdom Panel tests a wide variety of dog breeds. Even if your dog is a very rare international breed, you can still find out their ancestry. (It’s also one of our top picks for the best canine DNA testing out there.)

The Wisdom Panel Premium Kit also includes handy health tests and checks your dog’s eyesight, weight, mobility, possible drug sensitivities and more. It is basically the protective pet parent’s dream. When you buy from Wisdom Panel use code ADOPTDOG34 to save $ 34 and donate a dollar to shelter dogs in honor of Adopt a Shelter Dog Month. (If you’d rather save that dollar, the same test is available on Amazon for $ 124.99.)

Wisdom Panel Premium DNA Kit

Credit: Wisdom Panel

Wisdom Panel Premium DNA Kit

Credit: Wisdom Panel

BEST FOR CAT PARENTS: Basepaws Breed + Health DNA Test – $ 89 (Save $ 40 and Get a Free Dental Test with Code CATMONTH)

Ahead of National Cat Day on October 29, Basepaws is offering $ 40 off cat DNA testing and a free dental health kit. You can test your feline friend in four main breed groups, 21 individual breeds, and get a Wildcat Index – which lets you see how similar your pet’s DNA is to a lion, tiger, cheetah, and more. You can also test for 16 different genetic diseases and mutations, although this is no substitute for consulting a veterinarian.

If you’d prefer to buy from Amazon, you can still get $ 30 off the Basepaws kit when you redeem the on-page coupon. However, you won’t get a free dental health kit if you choose to buy from Amazon.

Basepaws Cat DNA Test and Dental Health Kit


Basepaws cat DNA test

Credit: Basepaws

More great deals for pets

Does your dog howl a lot? Are you a total sniff-a-holic? You may think these funny behaviors are just normal dog habits, but they could actually be specific to your dog’s breed. Unlocking your puppy’s breed makeup will give you a ton of information about his or her personality, health predispositions, and more. This embark kit tests for over 350 different breeds and even tells you if your pup is part coyote or wolf.

Embark canine DNA test

Credit: Embark

Let’s say you want your dog to be cozy, but you also want their bed to go with your stylish home decor. Ticking both boxes may sound like a distant dream, but carpeted beds actually do the math. With a removable, washable cover, memory foam interior, and a design designed to look like a decorative rug, these beds are the all-in-one pet product you’ve been looking for. You can also get up to 70% off every bed on the site during’s fall sale.

Black dog on a fluffy white bed

Photo credit:

If you’ve got your eye on the discounted Whistle Go, grab this compatible collar while you’re at it. It is made of durable nylon and is designed as a secure mount for Whistle Go and Whistle Go Explore devices. Choose from three different sizes and six fun colors to suit your pup’s personality.

Gray and pink pipe collar

Image Credit: Whistle

If your dog or cat likes to sleep curled up like a small bagel, they’ll feel like they’re wrapped in a warm hug in this cozy bed. The outer cover is removable and machine washable for easy cleaning, and the padded design keeps your dog’s joints propped up during the night. This jumbo size is great for pets up to 35 pounds, but if you have a smaller pet the standard size is also on sale (scoop one up for $ 23.60) and are great for pets up to 25 pounds.

French bulldog is sitting in a brown dog bed

Credit: Sheri’s best friends

ChuckIt! – $ 1.99 (save $ 11)

If your dog likes to play fetch, a drool ball is all but inevitable. But with a ChuckIt! you never have to touch a rough ball with your hands again. It also helps you toss the ball faster and farther so your pooch can run at top speed and wear himself out. As they say, a tired dog is a well behaved dog.

Woman plays fetch with dog

Credit: ChuckIt!

Another way to monitor your pet while you are away is with this Petcube camera with built-in Alexa and a fun laser toy (cat owners will be delighted). Control the laser toy remotely with your phone or put it on auto-play mode to give your pet some activity while you are at work. Thanks to two-way audio, you can also chat with your dog or cat and receive sound and motion alerts so you know immediately if something is wrong.

Small pet camera with integrated laser pointer

Image credit: Petcube

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