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Second grader Jaxson Rustman prepares to show his pet rabbit Agent Jonesy.

There were no grand or reserve champions this year. All 4-H exhibitors received a blue ribbon for showing their pets.

Judge Sarah Nosbush said the show went well and all of the teenage exhibitors were well informed about their animals. The 4-H pet show does not judge the animals, but the pet owners based on their knowledge of their specific animal.

The Coverbuds conducted private interviews with Nosbush about their animals. The older exhibitors were interviewed live in front of the trade fair audience.

University of Minnesota Extension representative Janessa Palmer also interviewed exhibitors about their pets and searched for fun facts.

Fifth grader Grace Jacobs showed her dog Yeller at the 4-H Pet Show and gave a presentation on the reasons for neutering or neutering your dog. Judge Sarah Nosbush emphasized the importance of pets being neutered or neutered throughout the show.

Most of the pets that year were either dogs or cats, with one exception. Jaxson Rustman showed his pet rabbit “Agent Jonesy.” Rustman had experience with several house rabbits. He said one of the challenges was making sure the rabbit didn’t overeat.

Kindergarten teacher Coraline Mathiowetz showed her cat “Big boy” who weighed 17 lbs. Mathiowetz explained that Big Boy is an outdoor cat that likes to catch mice. Due to its size, it is a very successful moult.

The pet of ninth grader Winsten Neinhaus was also a moult, but of the dog type. His rat terrier “Cooper” is a guard dog that protects the family’s chickens from vermin. Nienhaus said Cooper was good at catching rats, but also smart enough not to attack the chickens.

Judge Nosbush asked several exhibitors whether their animals were neutered or neutered. All exhibitors were asked to confirm that their animals were neutered or neutered for health or safety reasons. That was the answer Nosbush wanted to hear. Animal vaccinations were another common question. All pets had to be vaccinated against common diseases to attend the show, but Nosbush wanted to make sure exhibitors understood the importance.

The 4-H and FFA animal shows continue on Thursday with goat, sheep, rabbit and cattle shows.

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