Pet proprietor on the lookout for shooter after cat was discovered paralyzed, later euthanized

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GILBERT, Ariz. (KTVK / KPHO) – A pet owner in Gilbert searches for the person who shot her cat. Crystal Reidy says her cat named Halloween was found paralyzed with a small metal object stuck to his spine.

Reidy’s neighbors found the 14-month-old cat in their back yard and tried to move around. “We rushed there and could see that something was seriously wrong. His back legs stopped working; My husband felt a little blood, ”Reidy said.

She took the cat to a nearby veterinary clinic. When vets took an X-ray, they discovered a small metal object that was near the cat’s spine. “I think someone is very upset and I think they filmed Halloween on purpose,” Reidy said.

Reidy ultimately had to make the decision that no pet owner wants to make, and the cat was euthanized. Make things more painful? It happened on her birthday. “Just devastating on every front. We can’t believe we had to do this. We walked there and were thankfully able to hold Halloween until they unfortunately put him to sleep, ”said Reidy.

Now she uses her pain to find the person responsible. “I’ll find out who did this,” Reidy said. So she went to find the person who caused her family this pain. She went door to door asking people with a flyer and offering a $ 500 reward.

“It’s just very scary,” Reidy said. “If it hits, is it man-made, and someone made it up? Then I’ll be very sad, but I’ll put that aside and stay angry, “Reidy said.

She hopes she can prevent another pet death. “In a way, I think this is Halloween’s chance to prevent future crimes,” Reidy said.

“If it’s a teenager, they need therapy,” said Reidy of the person who shot Halloween. “If this is an adult doing this, it is very scary because there is no telling what else they would do to other animals and other children.”

Gilbert Police are investigating the death of Halloween.

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