Pet Owner Dyes Her Dog Bright Red, Releases Videos to Explain Why

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A pet owner in the UK dyes her dog’s hair bright red. After internet users made mixed comments on it, she posted a series of TikTok videos explaining why she was doing it. So far, the TikTok videos have been removed, but Independent had detailed how Chloe, who goes by the username @danthebigreddog on social media, justified her actions. In the clips titled “Reasons I Paint My Dog Red,” Chloe shared her reasons and thoughts about the dog’s unnatural color. In the first video released in November, she stated that the first reason was because the dog looked adorable in the red hair color.

After explaining the reasons, she added that her dog’s fur would deter potential animal thieves as it is a rare bread in her area. The pet owner claimed the red hair “saved him from theft”. Chloe also had a third reason which was how much she enjoyed it. The TikToker said the dog is fun to color, and she also claimed that Dandy, who can be seen completely red in almost all of her videos, “enjoys the added rubs during the process.” In another video, Chloe had talked about how the red fur was just a costume for Halloween, but when she realized it was a match for the dog, she decided to leave it the same.

Turning to the trolls who accused her of endangering the dog’s health, Chloe explained that she only uses vegan products to achieve the color that makes her dog’s coat shiny and soft. And in the end she revealed that she also wanted to make the dog “more responsive” by giving him a light coat.

The TikToker said their dog loves people and children, but considering he weighs 130 pounds, people are scared of him but now they don’t anymore. “They just smile and ask for his attention. He loves that, ”she added.

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