Pet dog dies after bungled transportation

Siri, the golden retriever, died of heat stroke while being transported from Nanjing to Guiyang.

A logistics company in Guangzhou, southern China, ceased operations after a golden retriever died of heat stroke in his care.

An employee had secretly had the dog transported by bus instead of by plane as requested by the owner.

The owner, Chen Dan, spent 2,600 yuan ($ 401) hiring Bang Bang International Freight Shipping Company to fly her one and a half year old golden retriever named Siri from Nanjing to Guiyang on July 6, on social media said.

On the same day, Chen received a message from the airliner informing her that the flight was canceled. Chen contacted the Bang Bang clerk, but he lied to her and said the dog was still being flown to Guiyang. He also refused to send her pictures of the dog.

When Chen picked Siri up at a logistics station in Guiyang, southwest China’s Guizhou Province on July 7, she had already died of heat stroke, she said.

Bang Bang’s Guangzhou office was empty and business has ceased, The Beijing News reported.

A Bang Bang executive surnamed Zhou said an employee identified as Xiao Chen privately took the pet owner’s order. Xiao Chen did not use the company’s official contract or hand over the fees received to the company, the report said.

Xiao Chen secretly outsourced the job to another agent in Nanjing, claiming he was transporting the dog by air.

Xiao Chen left the company after the incident, according to Zhou, who blamed the problem on management loopholes.

The market guard of the Huadu District in Guangzhou, where the company is based, is investigating.

Chen said she would take legal action against Bang Bang.

Fu Jian, an attorney with Henan Yulong Law Firm, said the company changed the transportation method without authorization and lied about the dog’s health, which was a scam, Zhengguan News reported.

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