Pet dog bylaws finally notified in Mohali

The Punjab Local Corporation Department has finally announced the Domestic Dog Bylaws for Mohali, which require residents to register their furry friends and follow other norms regarding their livelihood.

The draft statutes were first drawn up in December 2013, whereupon the Mohali Municipal Corporation (MC) lodged an objection within 30 days, but has been in the air since then.

Why pet registration is necessary

By a rough estimate, there are around 20,000 domestic dogs in the city, but none of them are registered and so are kept without rules and regulations. Pet registration not only helps ensure the safety and wellbeing of a domesticated animal, it also governs how it interacts with society and vice versa.

In November 2019, the Mohali court awarded a six-month prison sentence to a woman found guilty of negligence after her dog bit a neighbor in April 2018. The court also fined 1,500 from the convict Minakshi, who remains for rent in phase 10. Every year around 2,000 dog bite cases are reported at the Phase 6 civil hospital in Mohali.

The health doctor (MOH) from MC, Mohali, Dr. Tamana said, “We will start registering pets from September 10th and give residents a month to complete the formalities, otherwise they will be punished according to the rules.

Know the statutes

A resident can only keep two pets at home.

Dog owners have to pay a one-time registration fee of. counting 100 and more, 100 as an annual renewal fee.

A penalty of For a one month delay, 100 will be charged, 200 for a two month delay. In the event of a delay of more than two months, the penalty is 500.

If a dog is loitering on the street, the animal can be arrested under the statutes and fined. to get punished In addition, 5,000 are imposed on the owner 500 per day for feed. If the dog is found repeatedly loitering, a fine of 10,000 are imposed.

When registering, MC gives the owner a metal badge with the owner’s name and address engraved on it. The owner must ensure that the dog always wears the badge.

A penalty of 50 per day are imposed if the dog owner fails to keep a dangerous dog under control.

A penalty of 2,000 are imposed if the owner does not provide information about rabid animals.

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