Pet Deserted in Cat Colony Finds a Ceaselessly Residence! [Video]

The Love Furry Friends Rescue often goes to a park where a huge colony of cats lives to feed, neuter and sometimes adopt the cats. During one of their visits, they noticed something unusual. There was a tiny puppy among the group of hungry cats!

People often throw their unwanted pets in this park and rescuers were unable to find the pup’s mother or siblings, so they believe the pup was likely left there by their previous owners. Fortunately, Love Furry Friends found the cute puppy not too long afterwards. They took him home and gave him veterinary care, a bath, and a warm bed.

The puppy, now called Zhorik, was so cute and playful! They were shocked that someone would leave him. Fortunately, they were able to find Zhorik a home where he will be loved and cared for all his life.

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