Pet dad tricks dog into taking medicines without him throwing a fit. Watch how | Trending

The viral video that shows a pet dad tricking his dog into taking medicines without him throwing a fit was posted on Instagram.

Those who have ever pet a dog know how challenging it is to administer medicines to your pooch. However, in this viral video, a pet dad tricks his dog into taking his medication without him throwing a fit. The video is hilarious and may even prompt you to fool your dog the next time it is on medication.

The Instagram page Doggos Doing Things posted the video and credited it to an Instagram user Ryan Brooks, who uses the username @im.the.ryan. The video opens with a pet dad saying, “Who wants a totally normal peanut butter cracker?” As the video progresses, a response “I do” is heard. The dog now chews the treat having medicines without throwing a fit. It is surprising to watch that it doesn’t pop the pills out of his mouth.

Watch the viral video below:

Since being shared five days ago, the video has accumulated more than 2.1 million views and over 79,400 likes. The share has also received comments.

“This peanut butter tastes like pharmacy,” read a response on the video. Another from a dog page dedicated to Bruno, a Mini Dachshund, wrote, “Why so many tablets though?” “Hilarious,” read a third comment on the video by a dog named Luna, a Mini Cockapoo.

“Oh my dog ​​would eat all around those pills believe me,” posted to an individual. “Your dog doesn’t spit them out 1 by 1 when he’s done? I do this with my cat and he will eat everything, swallow, and then spit out a perfectly intact pill. I’m like how,” wrote another. “Is my dog ​​the only one that treats pills like normal treats? She gets so excited when it comes time for her monthly meds,” shared a third.

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