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The video of Leo mourning the death of his siblings by sitting quietly near the grave has gone viral

Surat: The death of a loved one will no doubt depress you. Munnavar Shaikh, a railroad worker in Valsad, also saw many mourners at the graves of their loved ones. But Shaikh and his family are surprised by their pet’s behavior. Leo, a Persian cat, has been sitting together at her sister Coco’s grave for hours since September 23, the day Coco was buried.
The video of Leo mourning the death of his siblings by sitting quietly near the grave has gone viral. Some people have also visited Shaikh’s residence out of curiosity, while Leo’s parent family takes on extra care to help her recover from the shock.
“We buried Coco on our premises. We were surprised to see Leo go to the grave and sit there for hours, ”said Munnavar’s son Faysal. The siblings belonged to the type of Persian cat with a doll face that Faysal received as a kitten from his friend four years ago.
Leo has shiny white fur while Coco was black. The family enjoyed the company of the siblings. But about two and a half years ago, Coco went missing while playing outside the Shaikh residence.
The family feared it must have been stolen. Surprisingly, they received information about six months ago that Coco was owned by another family in Valsad. Shaikhs had to use the police to bring Coco back from the family who refused to let her go. By this point, Coco had developed some serious health problems.
“Even after a gap of two years, the two siblings identified immediately. They played a lot together. But Coco died due to health complications. We tried to get it treated in a veterinary clinic but couldn’t save it, ”said Faysal.
Coco was quietly brought home last Thursday and buried on the premises. “Leo wasn’t aware of death or funeral, but he sensed that something was wrong. After a couple of hours it came and sat near the grave, ”said Faysal.


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