‘Permanently startled’ cat with wonky legs licked back to health by family pet – World News

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Although she always looks scared, the adorable cat Fedya is on the mend after a pretty tough start in life.

The sickly stray kitten was rescued by a neighbor’s moggie who licked it back to life.

The adorable cat is taking the internet by storm thanks to her permanently terrified facial expression.

Natalia Zhdanova, 40, found the weak and sickly lost Fedya in her garden when he was only a few days old – his back legs were crooked and his eyes were misaligned.

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Fedya the stray moggie is a cutie

She cared for the orphaned kitten, and her neighbor’s cat, Handsome, came by every day to look after it.

Natalia said: “He was very weak and was dying.

“Prettier cleaned and licked Fedya and became like a father figure to him.”

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Fedya was raised by a cat named Handsome

Fedya was raised by a cat named Handsome

Gradually, Fedya gained strength and began to grow, but the reason for his unusual appearance is still unclear.

Natalia, who makes textbooks for children in Rostov, Russia, added: “We’re not sure if it’s a genetic deformity or if he was dropped by his mother as a kitten.

“Now he’s much healthier.

Fedya has a unique look

Fedya has a unique look

He's an adorable kitten

He’s an adorable kitten

“He is a very sweet, gentle, playful and intelligent cat.

“He purrs very loudly.”

Fedya, who was found when he was just a week old, is now a healthy adult at one year and nine months.

He's a playful cat

He’s a playful cat

“He’s inseparable from Handsome,” said Natalia.

“You are best of friends.”

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