Penticton Arts Council showcasing over 100 clay cats in their ‘Crazy Cats & Curiosity’ exhibition – Penticton News

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Photo: Contributed

A new solo show starts on Saturday with an exhibition of crazy cats in the galleries of the Penticton Arts Council at the Leir House Cultural Center.

Bobi McMillan’s Crazy Cats & Curiosity offers over 100 cat and kitten creations of all types, shapes and colors, some with biographies and twenty framed pieces from their 2020 Inspirations Collection.

The show is no surprise to those familiar with the artist, as she is famous for her kitten creations and expressive line drawings. She is currently a member of the Penticton Potters’ Guild.

“Sound is a beautiful medium to express yourself, a relaxing freedom that takes you on a journey. My brother, a sculptor, introduced me to pottery six years ago and I’ve been inspired ever since to use weird cats to create a harmony of beauty and humor that evokes emotions and laughter. Handicraft is worth it and I enjoy sharing my creations. In this chaotic world, we all need a laugh, ”McMillan said in a press release.

McMillan used her time during the pandemic to pool her creativity to process the impact.

“We need to get into our inner core of being to find strength, to fight stress, fear, anxiety and even death. This pandemic has exacerbated every existing inequality in our society, such as systemic racism, gender inequality, and poverty to name a few. Art is a form of healing and recovery, [it] offers comfort and therapy in stressful times. It helps protect mental and spiritual health and break down barriers between cultures and languages. It is the medicine for everything! “

Arts Council administrator Bethany Handfield tells people, “Come ready to fall in love and” adopt “a cat or two.

“You really can’t have just one. Seeing them all together brings a lot of joy and ease. This is an exhibition that will bring a smile to your face and a laugh to your heart. “

To keep the fun going, McMillan will also be giving away a surprise gift for everyone who sees their exhibition every day of the open gallery.

The Arts Council Galleries are now open Thursday through Sunday, 10:30 am to 4:30 pm and are located on 220 Manor Park Avenue.

To learn more about the Penticton & District Community Arts Council, visit their website here.

Photo: Contributed