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The partnership offers Patterson customers an all-in-one solution for customer communication

May 17, 2021 (Greeley, CO) – Patterson Veterinary today announced a partnership with Vet Hero to provide customers with a veterinary communications software solution that improves the patient experience, saves staff time, and improves hospital communications can be optimized.

Vet Hero is a “super-powered” communication and telemedicine software for veterinarians. They offer fully integrated loyalty solutions, including automated reminders and confirmations, online appointment booking, telemedicine, social media reviews, e-forms and e-pay.

With this agreement, Patterson Veterinary customers can now use Vet Hero for all of their loyalty and communication needs

“We’re always looking for ways to help our customers save valuable time while staying better connected with their patients,” said Dan Holland, technology director at Patterson Veterinary. “The financial and time investments in the search for solutions for various communication and telemedicine requirements can easily add up. That is why the partnership with Vet Hero was child’s play. They offer the best solutions in their class under one roof.”

According to Vet Hero, working with Patterson Veterinary clients will give them an opportunity to demonstrate the value they bring to the practice.

“Caring for patients should always be a top priority for a veterinarian,” said Caleb Weber, CEO of Vet Hero. “This is their passion, and we believe they should be able to focus on it without getting bogged down by practice management. Vet Hero is constantly innovating and improving to streamline busy practices and allow veterinarians to get back on the pets to concentrate . ”

The addition of the Vet Hero platform complements our existing suite of customer loyalty tools so that Patterson can provide customers with the right solution for their practice needs.

“Finding the right partners who add value to our customers is a top priority for our company,” adds Holland. “Patterson Veterinary is committed to delivering the most innovative technology solutions to veterinary practices. This partnership with Vet Hero enables us to continue to support this goal.”

To learn more, contact your Patterson Veterinary sales representative for a demo.

About Patterson Veterinary

Patterson Veterinary, together with sister company Animal Health International, forms one of the largest animal health companies in North America and sells products, devices, technology and practice management solutions to veterinary clinics, animal farms and dealers / farm shops. Visit for more information

About Vet Hero

Vet Hero is an all-in-one veterinary communication software that offers easy-to-use automation that improves the customer experience, saves valuable staff time and streamlines your clinic. More information about Vet Hero can be found at


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