Parvovirus dog vaccinations halted due to Covid – The Royal Gazette

Updated: 09/19/2021 3:21 PM

Vaccination clinics to protect dogs from a canine parvovirus outbreak have been canceled by the Bermuda Veterinary Association due to a surge in Covid-19 cases.

Laura Tucker, the president of the BVA, said the increased risk had led to the clinics “unfortunately” being canceled.

However, she advised that booster shots be given after pets had already received their first vaccinations at Bulls Head in Hamilton or Fairmont Southampton.

She added, “Obviously the BVA is keen to continue vaccination efforts and so far we have received a message from Endsmeet, Ettrick, Cedartree and VetSmith that they will be honoring the $ 25 refresher rate for those who schedule this and show their vaccination cards. ”

She said the appointment would come with questions and a cursory examination of pets. A full examination of dogs can be booked if required.

Ms. Tucker said: “The BVA does not want to risk a staff shortage for the continued operation of every veterinary clinic, nor does it want to endanger the health and well-being of our generous volunteers.

“As a medical professional, it is important to be aware of the difficulties at King Edward VII Memorial Hospital and to do nothing to increase the number of cases you see.

“Please everyone stay healthy and we will inform about future events if and when they become possible.”

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