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Finn is an 8 month old French Bulldog. It came from a breeder who didn’t think he could care for a dog with special needs.

TOLEDO, Ohio – Eight-month-old Finn dressed with his bow tie and tongue sticking out to make his best impression.

The French Bulldog is sliding around in the Lucas County Pit Crew, which was born without using its hind legs.

“It’s not a common birth defect, it has an ‘S’ in the spine as it is called,” said Jean Keating, Executive Director of the Pit Crew.

Finn’s breeders handed him over to the pit crew, saying they didn’t think they could take care of him because of his special needs.

Keating says she sees cases like Finns about twice a year.

She explains that some breeders are not careful and overbred popular dogs like the French bulldog to sell them for thousands of dollars.

Now, after receiving a clean health certificate from the vet, Finn is looking for the right solution to call his home forever.

“He’s a lifelong commitment and a huge responsibility because he’s not just going to get up and go and people have to be prepared for that,” said Keating.

He still likes to play, cuddle and treat, of course.

The Lucas County Pit Crew are now taking adoption requests for Finn in the hope of finding a family who will love him for who he is.

To apply to give Finn his home forever or to sponsor him, follow this link for more information.

I mean … look at that little guy! @LCPitCrew 🥰

– Emma Henderson WTOL (@EmmaHendersonTV) February 9, 2021