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Presented by Jonathan Wisniewski, Tualatin Emergency Veterinary Clinic (EVCOT) – EMERGENCY VETERINARY CLINIC INSIDER –

With Easter on the horizon, it’s good for pet owners to remember that some festive decorations can pose serious health risks to your pets.

Easter lilies and other “real lilies” are deadly poisonous to cats, even in very small quantities. Eat as little as one

or two petals can cause severe kidney failure. All parts of the plant are considered poisonous. Even if you ingest the pollen from the vase while grooming or drinking water, it can poison your cat.

Signs of intoxication often develop quickly, and kidney damage can occur within 24 to 72 hours. Watch for early signs of vomiting, lethargy, and loss of appetite.

Supportive veterinary care in the early stages of exposure, before kidney failure develops, can significantly improve the prognosis. The sooner you bring your cat in, the more effectively your veterinarian can help treat the poisoning. Treatment may include inducing vomiting, giving IV fluids, and monitoring kidney function, all of which can help improve the outcome for your cat.

Another potential problem for cats is the artificial turf in many Easter baskets. The long, colorful ones

Strings look like toys to cats, but if swallowed they can get caught in the small intestine.

If you have any questions about possible dangers to your pets in the house, our experienced team at the Tualatin Emergency Veterinary Clinic will be happy to help!

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