Owners dump pregnant cat at Valley Animal Center while she’s in labor

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FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) – After the Valley Animal Center calls for donations for cat care, it recognizes the community members who stand up for the shelter during its busiest time of year.

Action News met a special mother-daughter duo that benefited from the generosity of the community.

Aptly named after a dynamic duo, Pie and her 2 week old kitten Cool Whip are thriving at Valley Animal Center – something their animal care team thinks is a miracle.

“I can only imagine that she (Pie) was scared. The first few days she was very nervous,” says animal care worker Anjanette Mendoza.

Pie was in the middle of labor with twins – and in distress – when her owners left her at Valley Animal Center.

“We advised them to take her to a vet who will help her – and their solution was to leave her at the door where we might not be able to fix it,” says grooming manager Ruben Cantu.

Left at the shelter at three-digit temperatures, Pie was only discovered more than an hour later.

Cool Whip’s brother did not survive.

After an emergency operation and some care from zookeepers like Mendoza, the two are in good health.

“She’s super cute with her baby, she loves to roll over and rub her head on the baby,” says Mendoza.

Animal dumping is illegal.

“Leaving an animal on our doorstep really takes away the animals that are currently here,” says Cantu.

While the kitten season is in full swing, the shelters are generally reaching their capacity or capacities.

Nonprofits like Valley Animal Center rely on donations to keep up.

There are many ways to donate to Valley Animal Center, but one fun event that you can do is called “Christmas in July.”

It starts on July 25th. You can mingle with other animal parents, enjoy food trucks, live music, and even Christmas carols. The event will have a beach Christmas theme. More information can be found here.

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