Owner arrested over crowdfunding treatment costs for already-dead dog in Japan

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A crowdfunding website through which Kanna Sudo allegedly raised money by falsely claiming her dog was battling a disease is on display.

NARA – A woman who allegedly raised funds online by falsely claiming her dog was battling an illness and needed treatment when it had already died has been arrested, police said.

Kanna Sudo, 26, an unemployed resident of Yamatotakada, Nara Prefecture, is accused of attempted fraud. She has admitted the allegations against her, saying, “I wanted my dog’s treatment costs back,” according to the Takada Police Station of Nara Prefectural Police.

Sudo is specifically accused of accessing the crowdfunding operating company’s website between October 29 and November 5, 2021 and releasing a statement falsely claiming that her dog was battling a disease, despite having been diagnosed in August this year year died of an illness. “Time is running out. Please help me!!” read the post. As of around December 13, she had raised a total of about 1.84 million yen (about US$16,200) from 374 people who viewed her post and allegedly attempted to collect about 1.54 million yen (about US$13,500) receive no commission or other fees.

The attempted scam came to light after a victim warned the prefectural police. The crowdfunding website where Sudo is said to have posted has allegations that her dog suffered from severe pulmonary artery stenosis and photos of the pet along with his medical test results and exam bills.

“My dog’s health could change at any moment,” the post reads, adding, “I can’t put into words how important dogs are to me, to the point where I feel like they are.” are more priceless than human beings.”

(Japanese original by Yuhi Yoshikawa, Nara Bureau)