Overweight potbelly pig found abandoned in Las Vegas valley, left outside in wire dog kennel

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) – A pot-bellied pig “severely overweight” is being nursed to health with the help of the Animal Foundation after the shelter says someone found it alone in a large wire dog pen, abandoned outdoors in the Las Vegas heat.

According to the nonprofit, Cupcake was in poor condition.

She’s so obese she can barely move, says the shelter, and weighs 175 pounds. She was also found with overgrown hooves and dirty ears.

The Animal Foundation says it has a “self-proclaimed pig doctor” Dr. Contacted Taylor Parker of Lone Mountain Animal Hospital to assist with her care.

The caregivers will take care of her weight and eventually help her find a home.

“She will need a caring owner to help her on her weight loss journey and show her the love she deserves,” wrote the Animal Foundation in a Facebook post.

The full post reads:

On a hot day in June, a good Samaritan was walking in front of his house and found a pot-bellied pig in a large wire dog house.

Cupcake had been dumped there. She was alone, unwell, and severely overweight. Cupcake was picked up by Animal Control and taken to the Animal Foundation, where we immediately checked its weight.

Cupcake is so obese it can barely move, weighing 175 pounds on the scales. Their hooves are overgrown and their ears are dirty.

We knew exactly the person we had to call for help: Dr. Taylor Parker of Lone Mountain Animal Hospital. The self-proclaimed pig doctor graciously donated her time to give cupcake the care she desperately needs.

With a nail cut and portioned meals, Cupcake is on the way to recovery.

She will need a caring owner to help her on her weight loss journey and show her the love she deserves.

Once cupcake wears off, it becomes easier for them to walk, not to mention more comfortable.

Although we cannot erase the trauma and abandonment Cupcake has experienced, we do everything we can to make amends with love.

Here at The Animal Foundation, we take in an average of 25,000 animals each year in need of our help.

Some, like cupcake, take extra time and special care before they can find happiness. ️

To learn more about the Animal Foundation, visit animalfoundation.com.

The Animal Foundation is located at 655 N. Mojave Road in Las Vegas.

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