Over 1 million Minnesotans opt-in to publicity notification system, COVIDaware MN

“COVIDaware MN gives Minnesotans the ability to know when they have been exposed to COVID-19, which is key to slowing the spread of this virus,” said Walz. “I’m glad to see more than a million Minnesotans have used this technology because we know our communities will be safer if we all take steps to protect and care for one another.”

As of January 31, there were more than 1,009,000 users of COVIDaware MN, which is roughly 18% of all Minnesotans. The expansion of COVIDaware MN to iPhones on Jan. 10 supported efforts by the state to encourage Minnesotans to use the exposure reporting system.

“As we continue to fight this virus and distribute vaccines to people across the state, Minnesotans deserve access to all the tools that can help protect themselves and those around them,” said Lt. Gov. Peggy Flanagan. “We encourage all Minnesotans to use this free and anonymous technology. The more people use COVIDaware MN, the better we can inform our community about possible exposures and protect each other.”

Minnesota Unveils COVID-19 Exposure Notification App

The state continues to encourage Minnesotans to add their phone to the fight and use COVIDaware MN to report a positive COVID-19 test result. When Minnesotans get a positive test result, they also receive a verification code from state or local health authorities that can be voluntarily submitted in COVIDaware MN. Residents can get a verification code in two ways:

  • After receiving a positive test result for COVID-19, you may be contacted by the health authorities and can ask them for a verification code for COVIDaware MN.
  • If you have not already been contacted by public health, call the Minnesota Department of Health at 651-201-5689, Monday through Friday, 9 am to 7 pm. Saturday and Sunday from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. Ask for a positive test verification code for COVIDaware MN.

“COVIDaware MN depends on a simple but powerful premise and this launch milestone is an example of the critical role technology and innovation play in effective crisis response,” said MNIT Commissioner Tarek Tomes. “With more of us willing to turn on the exposure reporting system, report positive test results, and follow health recommendations when notified of exposure, as well as social distancing and the wearing of masks, we can make significant strides in slowing the spread. ” COVID-19. “

When Minnesotans voluntarily enter a verification code, they are anonymously notifying others of a potential hazard. If others receive an exposure notification, they can self-isolate and / or choose to have a test.

More information about COVIDaware MN can be found here.

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