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My husband and I recently caught a cat that we believed appeared to be abandoned or stray because we were very concerned for the cat’s welfare. In this case, the cat was found to have a microchip and was returned to its owner.

We checked the Petfinder website and others to find our own cat. The number of lost cats on the Lower Mainland is staggering. We spoke to the BC SPCA and were told that most of the lost cats listed are roaming free range cats.

The BC SPCA website recommends cats stay indoors and lists the risks cats have outdoors.

Other cats or dogs in the neighborhood can cause harm to your pet; busy streets and traffic can cause injury or death; Exposure to infectious diseases and parasites; extreme weather; Poisoning; Theft; Cruelty and predators.

The BC SPCA believes that all animals should be free from hunger, thirst, pain, injury, disease, suffering and discomfort.

One could reasonably conclude that these freedoms are withheld from stray cats.

We expressly agree to the SPCA’s recommendation to keep cats indoors. The SPCA outlines ways to help an outdoor cat adapt to the home. If an owner insists that the cat be outdoors, he or she should be kept on the owner’s own property. The SPCA recommends neutering or neutering cats to prevent increased numbers of cats feral.

By adopting a cat, you are making a lifelong commitment. We believe pets should be licensed and microchipped. Dogs are already subject to approval in most areas, why not cats too? Don’t they have a value too? We want White Rock, Surrey, and other communities to implement cat leash laws as some counties do.

Cyril and Roberta Schleie, White Rock

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