Our March Cowl Canine, Suzy, Is Dwelling Her Greatest Life

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The Pit Bull Rescue has a long bucket list that they work through in their final days.

Suzy was busy – busier than most people we know. For the past seven months, the fun-loving Pit Bull Rescue rode a motorcycle, sailed Lake Erie, did trick or treat, and even got married.

This is all part of the bucket list that her foster mother Jennifer Lynch put together for her after she found out that Suzy was diagnosed with an inoperable malignant breast tumor and had only a few months to live.

After Suzy was found a stray dog ​​by the Cleveland Kennel, Lynch was inspired to offer Suzy a range of activities to make her final days special. This ranged from a visit to the A Christmas Story House to a girls’ night with other volunteers to setting up a lemonade stand – all documented by photo opportunities, of course.

While she has crossed a lot off her list, the 5 1/2 year old puppy may still have time to do the 20+ things on her list: go sledding, meet the Easter bunny, and watch the cherry blossoms bloom. Although Suzy’s health has been closely monitored, it looks like she has more time now than her vets originally thought.

“I think it definitely worked wonders for her to be in an environment where she’s content, happy, and successful,” says Lynch. “Before all of this happened, I thought I would only have her for a few months.”

Her foster mother and 600+ fans who follow the couple’s Instagram account
@citydogsuzy, hope that her health will improve, or at least that she still has many good memories.

“She’s still the cheeky, quirky dog ​​I brought home last summer,” says Lynch. “But now she’s definitely a lot more relaxed and happier.”

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