Orphaned Bobcat Returned to the Wild by Ramona Middle After Well being Restoration

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“It was a bit of a touch-and-go and we were very concerned about this young Bobcat kitten,” said Christine Barton of the Ramona Wildlife Center.

A young bobcat who had spent more than three months at the San Diego Humane Society’s Ramona Wildlife Center was brought back to Wild Wednesday on World Wildlife Day.

The 2 month old orphaned cat was brought to Project Wildlife by a citizen who found him abandoned on private property in Borrego Springs on November 23rd.

Upon examination, Project Wildlife vets diagnosed the young kitten with a gastrointestinal infection that was being treated with antibiotics and implemented a treatment plan that included a gradual introduction to a natural diet.

He weighed only 2 pounds when he was taken in for care.

“It was a bit of touch-and-go and we were very concerned about this young Bobcat kitten,” said Christine Barton, director of wildlife operations and rehabilitation at the Ramona Wildlife Center. “We are thrilled that he has thrived and although he is small, a force to be reckoned with – ready to take on the vast expanse of Borrego Springs and make it his home again.”

The bobcat was part of a late litter as bobcat kittens usually arrive towards the end of spring. His arrival in the fall meant there were no other orphaned bobcats at the Wildlife Center to mate with, and his health prevented staff from moving him to another clinic with late kittens.

“Keeping a single Bobcat kitten through winter is extremely difficult without getting used to humans,” said Barton. “The zookeepers on our campus have taken extreme precautions and provided all the tools and suggestions necessary to give this orphaned bobcat a chance at successful rehab and release into the wild.”

While at the Ramona Wildlife Center, the bobcat was provided an outdoor environment with climbing and hunting challenges in preparation for release.

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