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A cat with a white fur coat and yellow and blue eyes is looking for a forever home in Singapore.

Details about the two-year-old hangover Rico were published on Facebook on May 4th.

Suitable for households with a cat

According to the adoption appeal, Rico is an all-white male cat with one yellow left eye and one blue right eye due to heterochromia, a rare condition that also affects dogs and humans.

Rico is described as a low-maintenance cat who loves to laze around on the floor all day. He is also best suited for a household with a cat as he is very sociable with people but territorial when it comes to other cats.

However, he’s gentle and independent enough for families, first-time cat owners, and couples as he plays little but loves petting for the most part.

He sleeps well on the floor but will curl up in bed by invitation, the post added.

His left ear was cut off, indicating that he was neutered on the street.


His previous life on the street could have contributed to his current health.

The post also highlighted that Rico is FIV + (positive for feline immunodeficiency virus) and FeLV- (negative for feline leukemia virus).

FIV + cats can improve their health by focusing on keeping them asymptomatic.

This can be done through careful diet and medication.

“This shouldn’t significantly affect his quality of life. Just be aware that FIV is contagious to other cats through deep bite wounds,” the post said.

Those who wish to adopt Rico will have to pay an adoption fee of S $ 120 to cover the cost.


Before this call for adoption was filed, a similar white cat with yellow and blue eyes was found abandoned in Singapore and subsequently picked up by the SPCA.

Due to the public awareness of the case, a speedy adoption is expected.

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