One Fortunate Pooch Will Make $20Okay + Advantages For Style-Testing Busch Canine Brew

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Tired of paying all the bills while your dog lounges around rent-free? Well, maybe it is time for her to finally pull her weight. Dog jobs don’t come around that often, but here’s one your pup won’t want to miss out on.

Busch is looking for a dog taste tester for his dog-friendly drinks. And best of all, they get a decent salary! If your dog gets the job, they’ll get $ 20,000 plus some formidable perks.

Your puppy might be trying to spend all of the money on treats so you will need to train him some money handling skills. But if you think your furry friend is a good match for you, apply now!

Image: @ Busch / Facebook

What is the job description?

Busch is looking for a dog for the role of “Chief Tasting Officer”. It may sound like a dream job, but it’s also a very serious role. Your dog can try a variety of dog beer products and act as a brand ambassador.

“To get the job, your puppy needs to have a sophisticated palate, an excellent sense of smell and be a ‘very good’ boy or a very good girl,” explains Busch.

The company’s dog beers were officially launched in 2020 and sold out on day one. Of course, there is no real alcohol in them as beer is toxic to dogs. Instead, it’s a bone broth made with ingredients like bone-on pork, whole grains, celery, basil, mint, turmeric, and ginger. Your dog won’t be able to resist!

Busch dog taste testerImage: @ Busch / Facebook

Busch also donates $ 1 each to animal rescue organizations such as the Best Friends Animal Society. Imagine how cool it would be for your dog to come up with an amazing product and an even more amazing thing.

Dogs can apply now!

Is your dog the perfect applicant? Do you check all boxes? If your dog is selected, they will receive $ 20,000, 4-packs of Busch Dog Beer, and health insurance benefits (as in, pet insurance money). The value of all of these prizes is approximately $ 21,000.

Bulldog with bush dog brewImage: @ Busch / Facebook

According to the event details, you can participate in three different locations: Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. Post or comment with a photo of your dog and explain why he is the best dog for the job. Add #BuschCTOContest to your entry. You’ll also need to follow Busch on the platform you post on. It will be tough competition, but Busch will work hard to find the perfect candidate.

The competition began on April 13, 2021 and will run until April 28, 2021 at 11:59 p.m. So if you have a job looking puppy make sure they apply before the deadline. After all, a punctual puppy always looks the best on an application!

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Selected picture: @ Busch / Facebook