Once Orphaned and Abandoned, Kitties Named Newt and Frog Become Mayors of ‘Cat City’

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In 2020 touring comedian Drennon Davis couldn’t perform at all during the pandemic, so he was constantly looking for new ways to keep himself occupied. His home at the time was a huge art space in a warehouse in Los Angeles.

When he learned that one of his friends was foster mother to a litter of orphaned and abandoned kittens, it didn’t take Davis much persuasion to adopt both Newt and Frog, two fluffy orange brothers. “I’ve always been looking for an orange cat,” Davis tells Daily Paws. “And because they were so connected, I thought it would be good for them to have company while I was working.”

Like many of us during quarantine, Davis collected huge stacks of cardboard boxes from all of his shipments. He didn’t want to throw everything away. In order to channel his creativity and take advantage of the high ceilings in his warehouse, he let his imagination run wild and created a multi-dimensional “cat city” for Newt and Frog. Forget about expensive cat toys, he says – everyone knows cats love boxes!

“I thought ‘why don’t you just build them something cool’ and slowly but surely attacked them until it was a legitimate city, with condos, roads, bridges, trees and clouds – all of that!” he says. There’s also Kitty Hall, a prison, farm, TV lounge, various hiding spots, and high-sky catwalks for Newt and Frog to roam at will. Davis says his favorite place is one of the first upcycled cardboard structures he built: a bakery called “Biscuit Boys” because these kitties love to knead!

He also began training his playful feline friends on a leash to become adventure cats. “I took her to the park and on hikes very early on,” he says.

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Davis believes that Newt and Frog are good for his mental health by giving him someone to take care of besides themselves. He also believes adoption saved him as much as it did. “They lost their mother and were displaced, and I was displaced in many ways,” he says. “We had a strong bond from the start.”