Old Brooklyn family claims neighbor stole their cat, APL investigates neighbor for animal cruelty

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) – Some neighbors who live on Treadway Avenue in Old Brooklyn said their cats have been missing for months. They claimed the perpetrator was a man who lives on their block who hoarded animals.

On Thursday, the Cleveland APL came to this neighbor’s home and rescued 11 cats from filthy conditions. One of them belonged to a family whose cat had been missing for more than three months.

Christian Escapa says his family went on vacation in April and his father-in-law took care of the cat and dog.

“We came back home, not a cat,” said Escapa. “Every night I turned out his food, his bed was still there and no cat.”

After more than three months, the family had given up hope of ever getting their cat Coby back.

“I don’t know, something told me when I saw that guy over there with some cages, I thought, ‘Did you happen to see that cat?’ and he was like, ‘He could be in here’ so I went in and hey, this is Coby! ”said Escapa.

Escapa said when he walked into his neighbor’s house, he couldn’t believe the terms.

“Oh, it was like at least two and a half feet of trash,” said Escapa. “There were around 500 to 1,000 flies in there, I guess. It was like flies galore; As soon as I walked in, 15 slapped my face and I just thought what the fuck is this? Just terrible conditions. The room they were in was just cat poop everywhere. “

Other neighbors told 19 News it wasn’t the first time this man had hoarded such animals.

“Many cats went missing in the neighborhood and ended up in his home,” said another neighbor, Trevor Lyons. “Many of the cats that come out of his house are dead.”

Escapa says the neighbor knew Coby was his cat, but he took him anyway.

“The day he tried to grab it, I thought. “Yo, this is my cat! And he said, ‘Oh my bad one; he looks like mine. ‘ So he somehow knew and the cat had collars with him and he always had the little bell with him so that he could be heard, ”said Escapa.

The Cleveland APL is investigating the neighbor for cruelty to animals. We do not name this man because he has not yet been charged in this case. He had previously come into conflict with the law for breaking Cleveland health codes in several cities.

As for Escapa, he says that from now on he won’t let his cat out of his sight.

“He’s staying in the house now,” he said.

The other cats are now with the APL. So if you live in the Old Brooklyn area and your cat has gone missing, give them a call.

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