Obama household’s beloved canine Bo dies after battle with most cancers

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Many of Barack and Michelle Obama’s social media supporters expressed condolences on the loss of their beloved Portuguese water dog.

During his presidency in the United States, Barack Obama and his family received the male Portuguese water dog as a gift. Bo was occasionally referred to as the “First Dog,” and was later joined by Sunny, a Portuguese water dog.

He tolerated all the excitement that came with staying at the White House, had a large bark but no bite, enjoyed jumping in the pool in the summer, was unwavering with kids, lived for junk at the dining table, and had great hair. pic.twitter.com/1x4VOMsLGR

– Barack Obama (@BarackObama) May 8, 2021

That afternoon was difficult for our family. We said goodbye to our best friend – Bo – after battling cancer. We are grateful for the love you showed him over the years. Please hug the furry members of your family a little closer tonight – and rub them off us. pic.twitter.com/zOk3SPABsT

– Michelle Obama (@MichelleObama) May 8, 2021

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